Since August is ‘National Back To School Month’, we decided to list seven meanings that can come from dreaming about school; from being late to a lesson to homework. A dream about school can relate to everyone; from children, to teenagers and adults.

Picture Credit: Pixabay

Picture Credit: Pixabay

Being late to class

If you dream that you are late to a class, it can mirror the fact that you’re not quite feeling up for something. Perhaps you’re about to take a big step, or make a life-changing choice, and feel unprepared to deal with either.

A dream like this can also mean that you have a fear of change; as a result, you may be allowing huge opportunities to pass you by in your waking life, as you may not want your daily life to change.

Being late can also represent a worry that time is running out; in regard to what, only you can know.

Being spontaneous might be scary, but going out on a limb could turn into the best thing that ever happened to you; take the leap!

A classroom

If your dream took place in a classroom, it could mean that you are looking forward to put childishness aside, and take that next step to grow up a little bit. You may decide you want to showcase your sophisticated, more mature side.

It can be rather common to have this dream about being in class during the school year; if that’s the case, it can be a simple reflection of your waking life seeping into your dreams.

Forgetting about class

If your dream consisted of you missing class because you forgot about it, it is likely that you are intensely stressed about the responsibilities in your daily life.

Worrying about having too much on the go at once can mean things might slip from your mind; you may feel that any more tasks would overwhelm you completely.

Taking a step back and writing down a concrete plan to make sure you tackle all your duties, without becoming too stressed; this can even mean setting reminders to take a break once in a while; don’t worry too much about things that aren’t critical.


Graduating in your dream can symbolise that you are ready for a major change in your waking life. You are probably feeling great about the things you’ve achieved, and have taken note of everything you’ve accomplished so far.

However, if you have issues graduating in your dream, it could mean that you don’t yet see the value of the effort you’ve put in thus far.

This is a sign to give yourself some credit; step back and take note of everything you have done, large or small, and try to see that you have done something worth celebrating.


Dreaming about homework can represent something you are learning (or wish to learn) in your waking life. You should pay attention to what kind of homework it is you’re doing, and see if you can obtain anything form this.

However, if you feel overwhelmed in your waking life, if can mean that you’re simply concerned that you might not get everything done in time. Take a breath, organise yourself, and do what you can when you can; don’t force yourself to work or stress will most likely take over.

A locker

If a locker is within your dream, then that could be a sign that you have potential that should be unlocked. Perhaps your academic, or even creative side needs more attention; this way, you could discover a new passion or talent.

A test

The act of taking a test in your dream can mean you feel your abilities are always being questioned or put to the test; you might feel judged by others, meaning you want to do well in the eyes of those close to you.

It could also mean you fear failure, and are worried that others will see this.

Failing a test (in your dream) can mean you’re no confident within yourself; on the other hand, getting a good score in the test can mean you feel ready to take on any challenges that come your way.

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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