As we know, dreams can contain a million different things, and derive a multitude of meanings from them. Today (July 22nd, 2021) marks National Mango day, and to dream about the ombré-coloured fruit can mean many things, from overcoming obstacles to taking hold of new opportunities.

Picture Credit: Pixabay

Picture Credit: Pixabay

Seeing a mango

To see a mango in your dream is a sure sign that you will overcome a problem you have been faced with. You are on your way to smash through any barriers holding you back and stopping you moving forward.

Someone you would never expect may help you reach your goals; if the mango is small however, you may face the battle alone, but you will still come out victorious.

Eating a mango

Dreaming of eating a lovely, fresh mango can mean that romance is at the front of your mind. You may start to wonder how a romance with someone you love will begin, and what it will feel like.

If you have shared your mango within your dream, you should feel very happy; however, if the taste is bitter, this infers you have let a few opportunities pass you by. Don’t feel badly about this, though.

A mango tree

Dreaming of a mango tree means you have someone sturdy and reliable to depend upon; it suggests a strong bond between you both.

This person can be a friend, sibling, or even someone from work.

While this dream can seem sweet, it is worth noting that if a mango falls from this tree, something important may be taken form you; keep your eye on what matters to you.

Green mangoes

Unripe mangoes within your dream reveals that you have allowed your anxiety stand in the way of things you wish to do.

More patience is needed for you to calm yourself, and reduce your worries.

You must double, if not triple your efforts to shift your anxiety to the side and move on with what you want to do in life.

Picture Credit: Pixabay
Picture Credit: Pixabay

Ripe mangoes

It is time! There are a variety of chances and opportunities right in front of you, but acting slowly can mean you will miss out on them. Ripe mangoes infer the perfect time to eat, so if one appears in your dream, you will know it is time to act.

Don’t delay and make a quick decision; this will allow you to be impulsive and not miss out on the amazing things being offered to you.

Rotten mangoes

An opportunity you have been wanting has passed you by, just as a rotten mango has gone past its peak. Maybe you didn’t notice this amazing chance, or perhaps you even stayed quiet.

Now, you must turn your attention to the future and create new chances for yourself; what has happened has happened, so focus on what is to come.

Harvesting mangoes

Dreaming about harvesting mangoes is a brilliant and positive sign that you have reached a level of satisfaction or contentment. It could mean you have your life just the way you want it.

Harvesting means that the fruit or vegetable being grown has reached its full potential, so dreaming about such a thing means you have fulfilled some of, if not all of your goals.

Confessing your love to someone now has more chance of being accepted than at any other time; it may also suggest that love and a new passion will come your way.

If your picked mangoes go into a basket, this means finances and work stability will have their advantages.

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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