If you dream about going for a check-up, perhaps you need to focus more on your health right now.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Do you feel unwell or are you struggling with a persistent physical problem? If so, it might be wise to book in at your local doctors and get checked out. 

If it’s nothing, this act will simply put your mind at ease, however if there is something, at least you will be tackling it in the early stages rather than waiting until it gets worse. 

Try to recall what the check up was for in your dreamscape as this might give you a better idea of what area of your body you need to focus on. 

Consider, who else was with you in the dream- it’s possible you are concerned about someone else’s health in your waking hours and you need to encourage them to seek professional help. 

Could the dream be pushing you to check up on them if you haven’t seen them in while? Maybe they would appreciate the company and the interest in their wellbeing. 

The dream might be related to something else you need to check on. 

Perhaps you have done a rushed job in your professional or personal life and it’s in your interest to go back and look over your work, especially if you suspect that something could go wrong because you weren’t thorough enough. 

Do you need to return and check over someone else’s efforts, if the responsibility ultimately lands with you if there is an error, it may be worth a second look. 

Check ups are designed to identify problems before they become unmanageable, so perhaps there is something in your life you fear could get out of hand if you were to neglect it. 

It may be prudent to act on this now rather than leaving it- only to find out that you were right. 

Even if it’s not something you want to do- better to nip it in the bud now as you will only have to dedicate more time and energy to it later if you don’t. 

Finally, a check-up could simply mean that you need to talk your fears through with someone you trust. 

Perhaps you have nothing to worry about, but you will feel better for sharing your anxieties with someone else only to have them confirm that your thoughts are perfectly normal. 

Do you need to check-in with yourself more often and focus on how you are feeling? Do you need to write things down or allow yourself some more ‘me time’? 

If you are finding things difficult, there may be no need to see a professional, but you could make some tweaks to improve your situation if the warning signs are familiar. 

You know your body better than anyone else, so if you’ve experienced similar complaints in the past you should know what to do from here. 

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Dreaming about doctors can also represent your own intuition about your health. Is it time you went to a professional to talk about a niggling health concern you’ve had? More generally, have you been neglecting your health lately? It could be a gentle reminder to take better care of yourself or your current behaviour might result in a visit to the doctor to undo all your bad habits and choices. Doctors can indicate someone you trust in your waking life. Has this trust been broken or have they proved to you lately that they are the right person to confide in and rely on? Do you trust yourself?...

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