To dream about a city is representative of your social life and the connections you have within your waking hours. 



If the city was bustling, then you may be feeling overwhelmed by how many people you have to keep in touch with in your life at present. Are all of these people worth your time or are you in touch with some whom you don't really feel a strong connection to?

Perhaps you thrive on having lots of people to talk to and meet up with, just be sure you aren’t wasting your time with those who don’t value your relationship as much as you do. 

If the city was deserted, maybe someone whose company you once valued has decided to sever ties with you and abandon you altogether. Perhaps you know why they have done this and are struggling to accept it, or maybe they have stopped all contact without an explanation as to why. 

If you were looking up at the sky in a busy city, you may be seeking some solace from the chaos around you. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the demands people are making on your time, perhaps you need to seek out some refuge to give yourself a well needed rest. 

If you were being jostled by lots of others in the middle of a city, perhaps you are surrounded by people but still feel totally alone. This implies that you need to strike up conversations and friendships with people who see the world the way you do. Perhaps you haven't found someone on your wavelength yet but this dream is urging you to do so. 

If the city was in ruins, then you have neglected your relationships and let them decay over time. While they are in a bad way, there is still hope of rebuilding them, but it will take time and a lot of effort. Be warned that they may never be what they were but can be improved upon if you are intent on change. 

Consider which city you were in for additional meaning- the city you saw might be one you have dreamed of going to for a while now- do you need to finally book that ticket?

To see yourself in an underground or underwater city suggests that you need to look deeper within yourself as to why your relationships may be struggling. There is something more complex going on that you need to work through first. So stop blaming those around you and look for ways to change your approach. 

If you felt scared in your dreamscape, perhaps you have tried to take on something that is too big for you and you are struggling to admit it. You aimed too high and now you feel like you can’t cope. It may be wise to dial back whatever you thought you could do to a size that is more manageable rather than trying to carry on. It takes a lot of courage to admit that you have bitten off more than you can chew but it might be necessary for self preservation. 

On the flipside, have you gone big and thankfully, it’s worked to your advantage? If so, you should applaud yourself for being ambitious and gutsy but some of it may have been down to luck too. With this in mind, it might be prudent to wait a little while before making another huge shift in your life because your good fortune may not extend to next time. 

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