To dream about a hot cross bun could be a forwearning that you are about to get cross about something in your waking hours. 

hris Rout / Alamy Stock Photo

hris Rout / Alamy Stock Photo

Has something or someone been aggravating you for a while now? If so, you may be worried about reacting to it in an extreme way. If you feel you might lose control, it might be wise to write it down or wait until you have cooled off before addressing it with the person. 

A bun could also be a pun for having a ‘bun in the oven’, so if you are thinking of having children or are indeed already pregnant this could be why you saw the hot cross version in your dream. 

Hot cross buns are of course a popular food to serve at Easter gatherings, and retailers have launched chocolate, salted caramel, apple and cinnamon and extra fruity versions to change up the original recipe and create something new for consumers. So if you saw a table full of different flavoured hot cross buns, it’s possible you feel you have too much choice in your life right now and are struggling to make a decision. 

Along the same vein, if there were different variations of the original hot cross bun, do you think something has been changed when there was nothing wrong with it in the first place? Perhaps something in your world has been ‘improved upon’ but you feel there was no reason to do this and were perfectly happy with the way things were before. Who instigated the change? If you feel this strongly about it, do you need to let them know that you want things to return to their original state?

Consider how many hot cross buns you ate in the dream, if you were gorging yourself on them, it may be time to cut back on something in your life- your spending, your work, your holidays or indeed your eating habits. 

To see hot cross buns served in an Easter setting may simply mean you are looking forward to whatever you have planned over the coming weekend. Perhaps the activities have been in your diary for a while now and you are counting down the hours until you can enjoy them with your nearest and dearest. 

The cross on top of the bun could signify a crossroads in your life and not knowing which road to take next. If you have lots of options, you may be feeling overwhelmed by them and need to seriously consider each in turn before heading down the right one for you. 

In religious terms, the sign on top of these buns symbolises the cross on which Jesus died so to see one in your dreamscape could indicate a feeling of sacrifice or loss in your life. What have you had to give up or what do you feel you will need to let go of in the near future? 

The cross may not have been a cross at all but a plus sign and the dream is urging you to add something into your life that you feel is lacking. If you are aware of this void, what can you do to fill it?

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