A jubilee is a celebration of a day on which something important happened many years ago such as the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee for instance. To dream of one suggests you will be honouring an anniversary, birthday or some other significant event in your life soon. 

John Green / Alamy Stock Photo

John Green / Alamy Stock Photo

Perhaps you are preparing for such celebrations and it’s monopolising a lot of your time while you're awake, which is why it filtered through into your dreamscape. 

On the other hand, perhaps you believe you are ill prepared for an upcoming celebration and you are under pressure to get things ready in a short space of time. You will need to work smarter not harder in this instance. 

Do you think you have been deprived of a suitable celebration? Perhaps you wanted to mark such an occasion with more grandeur but the people you expected this from haven’t stepped up to the mark. Do you need to make them aware of your disappointment or should you simply move on? 

On the flipside, if the celebration has been and gone, you may be paying the price for the excess it brought to your body, mind and your finances. 

Along the same vein, do you need to reign in your spending and your ideas if your vision for something is getting too out of control?

A more literal translation is that you are looking forward to the upcoming long Bank Holiday weekend as you will be able to enjoy some well deserved time off. 

With that said, if you have plans you’re not looking forward to or are working, you may be feeling the exact opposite and dreading its approach. 

To see the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in your dream implies that someone is taking the attention away from you with an announcement far bigger than your own recent achievements. While what they have done is worth applauding, that doesn’t mean your personal wins are any less important. Celebrate them with just as much enthusiasm. 

To watch the merrymaking rather than getting involved suggests you are not on board with a celebration in your waking hours. Perhaps you feel the person who this is arranged for is not deserving of their accolade, or maybe you believe you are being forced into giving your support when you feel indifferent to them. This could be in a work scenario or an event in the honour of a distant relation. The dream may be telling you to do your bit for those who you do care about even if the person at the heart of it doesn't mean that much to you. 

If you see a jubilee celebration in your dream, it’s likely you need to offer praise to those around you more than you are. Does someone in your life need some recognition for all that they have done for you and others? If so, it may be down to you to arrange the details of this acknowledgement if you are the best person for the job or ultimately- it’s your responsibility. 

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