To dream about a lover suggests that you may be unhappy in your current relationship. Consider what it was that you were doing with this person for additional meaning. 

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

If you were being intimate, this could be something that is lacking in your own partnership or an element you think needs to be improved upon. Do you still find your other half attractive? Or has a life event driven you apart such as having children or starting a more demanding role at work? Perhaps you are now trying to do things long distance and it means you have less time in each other's presence. 

If you can pinpoint what is driving a wedge between you both, there may be something you can do to address these issues, however if the reasons are too vast and complicated, it may be time to move on. 

To be with a lover in your dreamscape could simply mean that you need something outside of your immediate relationship that is yours and yours alone. You may spend all your waking hours with your partner leaving nothing to enjoy solo. Consider what hobbies you thrive in and try to introduce these into your day so you have something that gives you time and space for your own thoughts and reflections. 

Spending too much time with one another can be just as detrimental as spending too little time in each other’s company. 

To dream of a lover could also mean you are passionate about something in your waking hours. You may deem yourself 'a lover of' an item or activity, but the dream could be telling you that your love is misplaced. Are you injecting all your time and energy into something that will never love you back? Do you need to focus more on the people in your life rather than the things?

Do you tell people you are a lover of something when in truth, you are indifferent about it? Why do you feel the need to hide your true passions or beliefs? It may be that you are spending time with people who aren’t on your wavelength and it might be wise to seek out those who can see the world as you do. 

The term lovers can also mean two people who care deeply for one another, so try to remember who was in the dream with you. If it wasn’t your partner, it doesn't necessarily mean that you want to stray, just that you have great affection for the person who was with you. It’s possible they have been on your mind lately because they are going through a rough patch and need to lean on you a little more heavily than usual. 

If you are in the throes of a new relationship, you may have been dreaming about your partner because they are on your mind a lot lately while you are in the heart of your honeymoon period. While this is exciting and enjoyable, try to remember not to leave your rose tinted glasses on for too long as this can cloud your judgement.

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