To dream about seeing a newsreader or reporter on the TV or in person suggests that you are expecting to receive some important information soon. 

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Perhaps you already have and you are still processing what you have been recently told. 

Consider what the news person was reporting on for additional meaning. 

Were they talking about war? If so, perhaps there is some sort of conflict in your life at present that needs to be resolved. 

If they were reporting about extreme weather conditions, maybe something has happened or is threatening to shake up your world for a short while. Rest assured that it won’t last forever but be vigilant in the meantime. 

A crime segment might represent fears you have surrounding breaking the rules or someone encroaching on your space. Does this mean you need to protect the people and things you hold most dear? Or are you refusing to conform lately? 

Something about a local community could resonate with your need to be with others or provide for those close to you if you’ve been focused on yourself a little too much lately.

Education updates might pertain to your desire to learn more by taking on a course or enlisting in some training at work or in an educational setting.

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Image courtesy of Unsplash
Image courtesy of Unsplash

A newsperson reporting on health issues could reflect your need to take better care of yourself. What could you do to improve your own wellbeing? Change your diet? Exercise more? Drink less alcohol? Quit smoking? Only you know your vices so it might be time to address one or a few of these. 

If you were the newsperson, it’s possible you want to tell someone something that they will consider vital or life changing. Is it wise to share this news? Or will it devastate their world? Might it be best to keep it to yourself?

On the other hand, if you were the newsperson, it’s possible you like to be the one who is in the know and enjoy being the first to tell people things. Others may come to you because you always have the gossip or the relevant information. The dream could be telling you to be careful who you tell things to and not to be so free and easy with the information you possess. Maybe you need to focus on facts rather than whisperings if you’ve been caught out lately after repeating false information. 

On the flipside, maybe you were once this person and now people don’t confide in you as much or you aren’t privy to the necessary information anymore. Perhaps you are starting to realise who genuinely enjoys your company and who faked interest for personal gain. 

The dream could be a pun for new- perhaps you need to freshen something up in your world- your relationship, your job, your diet or your hobby to name a few. Whatever it is needs an overhaul as it has become stale and old.

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