To dream about a password can be a direct result of fears of being excluded or left out.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Perhaps you feel this way about a friendship group, or maybe your family are playing favourites. Similarly, it’s possible there are people in your professional life who are trying to keep you are arm’s length.

A password could also be related to insecurities surrounding security. Do you feel secure right now or do you worry about your safety net being taken away from you?

Perhaps you are a private person and you believe someone is trying to find out things about you that you don’t want to share. It might be time to tell this person that your life behind closed doors isn’t relevant to them.

Do you feel there is only one solution to a problem? If so, this might be why you dreamed about a password. It may not be the solution you want but it could be the only one.

Passwords are thought to mean that you have very limited means. There isn’t any wiggle room in a situation, and you are searching for perfection as a result.

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On the other hand, passwords might reflect feelings of secrecy. Are you keeping some area of your life to yourself? Would you feel better if you could share it with someone you trust? Are you keeping a secret for someone and it’s monopolising your thoughts?

Are you denying someone access to a part of your life? Perhaps you are stopping a new partner from seeing or getting to know the real you. Perhaps you aren’t being totally transparent with a good friend. Is there someone in your family circle you are keeping things from?

You may never want to reveal what this thing is to anyone- however there could be other ways to deal with it without having to verbalise it. Could you write it down in a safe place?

On the flipside, there may be someone in your life who is not opening themselves up to you fully. Do you need to assure them that they can trust you to confide in? Alternatively, this could simply take time- now might not be right for them but they may just need you to be patient with them until they are ready.

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