To dream about a photograph symbolises a memory or experience you’ve had.

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Think about the way you are perceiving a situation now it’s in the past- are your recollections accurate or have you manipulated the truth when telling people what happened?

A photograph can also represent a lasting impression. Perhaps someone you’ve recently met is still on your mind because of something they said or did. Maybe they were completely different to other people you’ve met before. Were you attracted to them?

If you were taking pictures in your dream this might reflect your perceived need to capture memories this way in your waking hours. If you are always taking pictures so you don’t forget a moment, this could be why it filtered through into your dream. Are you missing out on the moment because you are behind the lens?

How did you feel when you looked at the picture and what was it of? If the dream felt negative, perhaps the picture in your dreamscape was reminder of things you’d rather forget. A bad memory, something you regret or the mistakes you’ve made?

If you have only memories that you are embarrassed about, perhaps you don’t want to remember it via any means. It’s possible you want to turn over a new leaf with new people who don’t know about the old you.

More simply, dreaming about pictures might reflect your new-found or ongoing interest in photography. Perhaps the dream is telling you to return to your passion if you haven’t spent much time on it lately. Or maybe it’s encouraging you to explore it further if it’s always been a curiosity of yours.

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