To dream about platinum suggests you feel you have made it in life. You have reached the dizzy heights in your career, you have achieved all you want to in your family life and you feel quite comfortable about your present and your future. 

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kaarle dev / Alamy Stock Photo

Life is good, so don’t take it for granted and while financial security is a comfortable place to be, remember that life can throw other things your way that can’t be fixed with money. 

Along the same vein, it can also represent success and ambition so if you are at the start of your career, you should have a promising future ahead of you. Perhaps the dream is telling you not to lose sight of your goals and avoid being distracted along the way as this will only slow you down.

To see damaged platinum in a dream implies that something or someone isn’t as exceptional as you initially thought. Maybe you made too many assumptions based on reputation or recommendation and what you are finding is that even the best of the best still has its/their faults. Use this as a learning curve. 

To buy platinum in a dream is related to how you feel about yourself. Do you believe you are thick skinned or do you need to toughen up a little? Consider who else was with you in the dream as they may be able to make you into a more resilient person. While this will help you get to where you want to be, remember that it's ok to show some vulnerability around those you can trust. 

Alternatively, the person in your dreamscape could be someone who requires your help to get through some difficulties. Teach them what you know so they will have the best chance of getting through unscathed. 

To sell platinum means you have fallen on hard times and are having to make huge sacrifices to stay afloat. Even selling precious items to make ends meet. Is this sustainable? Or do you need a different approach? 

On the other hand if you had platinum to spare, you could be making some intelligent investments right now. If you are focused on giving yourself a good future- such as in retirement- remember that it’s important to still enjoy the present. Don’t leave yourself with nothing just to fund your future self- enjoy the here and now.

To see a platinum celebration goes hand in hand with longevity. Perhaps you want something to stand the test of time because you have invested a lot of yourself in it- a relationship, a course or a business venture to name a few, but you know that nothing lasts forever. 

The dream might be a sign to keep going with it as long as you can as you never know what tomorrow will bring. Alternatively, if you have given this length of time to something, it might be time to say goodbye. You have done your bit and no one can dispute that fact.  

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