To dream about a radiator refers to someone whom you can always rely on to make you feel warm and comfortable. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Consider who was in the dream with you- perhaps this person has always been there for you in this way. If so, do you need to call upon them for some help or guidance if you are feeling a little unsettled lately?

It’s possible they no longer fulfil this role in your life. Do you need to tell them how much you miss this part of your relationship or is it a case of adapting to a new dynamic between you if circumstances have changed?

If the radiator was too hot, perhaps you are uncomfortable in some area of your life right now. Think about the other things that were in the room or which room you were in to give you greater clarity. 

For instance, if you were in a room from your work’s office building, perhaps you are struggling with something in your professional life. 

To be stifled in your bedroom could be linked to issues you are having with your partner. 

Similarly, a radiator that is set too high in a child’s bedroom could mean that you are struggling with parenthood. 

Depending on the problem area- who can you call upon for help?

A radiator that was freezing cold might be linked to your financial circumstances. If you are genuinely worried about money to such an extent that you might have to give up basic things, the dream could be telling you to try and find a way out. 

Can you get a different job? Apply for some financial help? Ask for some guidance from a professional? What can you do to turn things around?

If the temperature of the radiator was just right, perhaps you are feeling content with everything in your life right now. 

The dream could be telling you not to take it for granted and to enjoy this period of calm, because who knows when life will throw another storm at you?

If water was spurting out of a radiator, perhaps you have put too much pressure on something or someone to work and it has backfired. It’s possible you have put too much on yourself and you needed a release. Try to stop it before it gets any worse, even if it requires a lot of energy to do so. 

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There is an intensity in the way you feel about this person or thing. Is this healthy or are your feelings too much for the recipient or the situation? It may be time to temper these emotions if they are not appropriate. Perhaps you were hot from doing some exercise, in which case, you may be pushing yourself hard in something at present. Be careful not to take things too far as you could do some permanent damage. Are you pressuring yourself into something because you feel you should do it rather than because you want to? Or is someone else forcing you into a situation you would rather avoid? The dream is dependent on how you feel about being hot when you’re awake- if it is something that you avoid and that makes you uncomfortable- perhaps you have found yourself in a situation that you have reacted badly to and want to escape.... 

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