To dream about a student suggests that you are working towards something in your waking hours. Whatever you are striving for will not happen overnight but is a slow and steady process. While you know this, you may still be feeling impatient to see it through to the end. 

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Consider the mood of the dream- if you have recently graduated from college or university, you may be missing elements of student life- particularly if you felt sad in the dreamscape. 

If you are struggling to let go- what elements can you hold onto and what can you do to lessen the void you feel at the absence of the others?

On the other hand, maybe you are glad it’s all over and that chapter of your life is now closed- this is highly likely if you felt happy or relieved. 

Students may represent a yearning in you to progress in your chosen profession- are you currently able to do this or do you feel stagnant in your career? It may be time to move on if so. 

Or is someone forcing you to move up the ladder when you are happy where you are? It may be time to address this unwanted move with the person responsible for applying the pressure. 

If you saw yourself or someone else as a school student, perhaps there is something from your past that you have yet to reconcile with. Did something happen in your younger years that still plagues you to this day? Consider who else was in the dream with you for additional meaning. 

Think about your years as a student- did you waste them? Maybe you regret not making more of your time in a learning environment. On the flipside, are you proud of your achievements? If so, maybe the dream is a reflection of how you feel about your progression. Do you still have a lot more and a willingness to learn? 

Try to remember what you were a student in- this may give you some insights into what you really want to do with your life if you still haven’t found your passion. If your chosen subject was one you didn’t enjoy then maybe you have taken the wrong path professionally and need a change of course. 

To see yourself as a mature student suggests that there is still time to pursue something, professionally or otherwise- and not to let your age put you off making your dreams come true. 

If you were a part time student- it’s possible you are doing something half heartedly when you could be stretching yourself to do more. Think about how much time you actually have and how much time you think you have.

Conversely, you may see a task as too much of an undertaking in your life, when it could potentially be broken down into more manageable chunks over a longer period of time. 

A student could also mean that you are not well rehearsed in something yet- so if you are attempting to run before you can walk, it may be time to stop fooling yourself. You will be equipped in the future, but for now you are still very much in training. Don’t let the future title go to your head- you will earn no respect this way.

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