To dream about spring cleaning, suggests that some area of your life needs a total overhaul. You need to do more and delve deeper than you normally would rather than just scratching the surface or focusing on maintenance. 

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

While this need may not seem obvious at first, take a closer look and examine things in more detail. 

Consider what you were spring cleaning in your dream for additional meaning. 

A particular room might refer to an aspect of your life- for instance cleaning an office may mean you need a career change or to challenge yourself more at work. Maybe you are stressed at the amount you have to do and the cleaning represents you trying to lighten the load. 

Spring cleaning your kitchen might pertain to your eating habits- maybe you eat too many processed foods and need to cleanse your diet of impurities. 

When undertaking a spring clean in your bedroom- it’s possible your relationship needs some attention if you share it with another person- or maybe the dream is triggering feelings of loneliness. 

A hobby room could relate to not spending enough time doing the things you love and a living room could be a reminder to you to reduce your screen time and engage with the people around you more. 

Think back to how much dirt there was during your cleaning session. A lot could mean that you are behind in something in your waking hours. Are you feeling overwhelmed at how much you have to do now that you have left this task unattended for so long? 

A little suggests that you have been doing a good job on the whole, but there are still areas for improvement. 

To spring clean and find no dirt whatsoever implies that you are doing the best you can, so sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that you can do no more. 

Or perhaps you are doing something just because everyone else is. Don’t give yourself extra work and responsibility if there is no real need to do so. 

If you were using a spring cleaning checklist- you may have a long road ahead of you but you have a plan and are going to tackle things methodically until you are done. 

If the list was ticked off completely or very nearly filled in, you may be ahead of the game in something in your waking hours and feeling a little smug. Try not to get too complacent- the list could be expanded at any point. 

What products were you using to conduct your spring cleaning? If there were too many to count, perhaps you are using the wrong tools for the job at hand- you are overcomplicating what is arguably a simple task. 

On the flipside, if you didn’t have the appropriate spray bottle or rag to clean effectively, it’s possible you haven’t equipped yourself with enough man power or materials to see something through. Either way- your approach needs revision.

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