To dream about sitting on a throne suggests you are in a high ranking position right now. Perhaps this is a recent change in your professional career or maybe it’s something you aspire to. 

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

If the throne was imperfect, it's possible the person who was in this position before you left it in a bad way and you have a lot of work to do in order to get it into shape. On the flipside, if the throne was immaculate, you have big shoes to fill- don’t disappoint your predecessors. 

To see a throne that was damaged beyond repair implies a whole new approach is needed when taking on this mammoth task. The old ways are redundant and it needs a complete overhaul. 

The dream might be telling you not to abuse this new power- to use it wisely and not to let it go to your head in the novelty of those first few weeks or months. 

Consider what the throne was made of- if it was constructed from flimsy materials, there is a good chance that this promotion will be short lived or you don't have the support of those around you. However, if the throne was made of wood- you have nothing but good foundations on which to build and the best chance of success. 

If you saw someone else on the throne, it’s possible that you look up to this person in your waking life and respect their decisions. Do they deserve this or do they rule by fear? 

Throne is an informal and humorous reference to a toilet, so perhaps someone is making fun of something you take quite seriously. Do you need to tell them how their disregard for your tastes have made you feel or is it best not to take them on? 

On the flipside, you may be mocking something that a person in your life is passionate about and it’s making them feel uncomfortable. Better to stop this fun poking now or it could have a lasting and negative effect on your relationship. 

If you were an heir to the throne in your dream, you may be worried about a great responsibility falling your way at some point in your life. Perhaps you don’t feel ready for it, or indeed don’t want it. 

Do those around you think you have had things easy? Perhaps you have been born into wealth or status and so have been afforded opportunities that others dare to dream about. While this may seem like a convenient life, you may have a completely different perspective on the matter. Do you need to challenge these assumptions? Or spend time with others who understand that it’s not rosey all the time? Every kind of life comes with its complications and it may be the perfect time to open up about these. 

If someone was standing behind you while you were sitting on the throne, it’s possible you feel like a puppet right now. Someone else is pulling your strings and you are simply the face that people recognise. Think about who was in the dream with you for additional meaning.

Similarly, if someone was standing behind a person you recognised on the throne, they may need your help in real life to escape the clutches of this person who likes to exert their control over others.

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