The simplest interpretation of dreaming about Swiss football player Alisha Lehmann is that you share her passion for the sport. Perhaps you have a healthy interest in the game or have followed her progress from when she was signed back in 2018 by FA Women's Super League West Ham United. 

Alisha Lehmann by Cal Sport Media / Alamy Stock Photo

Alisha Lehmann by Cal Sport Media / Alamy Stock Photo

Lehmann is a forward- meaning she is in the best position to score goals. Translated into dream speak, this could mean that you have recently been promoted to a position at the forefront of the company you work for. You are responsible for driving your team to success. 

Perhaps you are quite comfortable with this role, however, it’s only natural to be worried about the pressure it will bring. Try to keep in mind that although you are at the face of things, you still need your team to support you- you aren’t alone. 

In January 2021, Lehmann was sent to Everton on loan, so it’s possible you have been drafted out to help someone lately. You have some expertise in a certain area that you have been able to transfer to another person or team. Try not to see this as a negative, as it means you are in demand in more than one setting. This is a strong position to be in and will give you valuable experience. 

It was reported that Lehmann had a relationship with fellow teammate Ramona Bachmann and is now with Aston Villa midfielder Douglas Luiz, so to dream of the player might resonate with a similar situation you find yourself in your professional life. Are you dating someone you work directly with? Or are you seeing someone who works for the same company, even if not in the same department? Perhaps you are finding it a challenge to negotiate having a relationship in the same setting as your day job. How can you make things easier on both of you if you want it to last? 

As of this month, Lehmann has over 7 million followers on Instagram and nearly 50,000 on Twitter. It is clear that people are invested in her life both on and off the pitch. To see her in your dreamscape implies that you are aware about the level of interest people are taking in you. Do you feel comfortable posting things about yourself and being open and honest about what’s going on behind the scenes? If so, continue as you are. With that said, if you are pessimistic about the impact it’s having on your home life, it may be time to take a break and keep some things close to your chest. 

In April 2019 West Ham extended Lehmann's contract after she scored nine goals across thirty appearances, consequently, she helped the club to the Women's FA Cup final. Lehmann is clearly a valued member of the team. If you feel this way about your own profession, it’s a positive place to be, however if, unlike Lehmann your performance is not where it should be- what can you do to change this trend?

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