To dream about eating a lot of Easter eggs suggests that you are overindulging in your waking hours. 

F1online digitale Bildagentur GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

F1online digitale Bildagentur GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

What do you consume or do the excess? It might be time to address whatever you feel you can’t resist with some professional help. 

If you were given a boiled egg instead of a chocolate egg in your dream perhaps you are feeling disappointed about something in your life at present. 

Has someone has let you down? Consider who gave you the egg for additional meaning. 

Maybe you were expecting some good news and instead you were faced with the opposite. 

While you may feel deflated, perhaps the dream is telling you to carry on and put this setback to one side. 

An Easter egg can also be a symbol of something unexpected in your life. Has something come along lately that has taken you by surprise? 

Perhaps you weren’t prepared for it but you are happy that it has happened all the same. 

If you aren’t pleased with the outcome- what can you do to change it? Do you need to be honest with the person who delivered it or do you need to cut your losses and walk away? 

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An Easter egg can be a hidden feature or image in a game or movie so it’s possible you are searching for something that you know is there but you just don’t know where to look. 

Can someone help you with this or are you determined to seek it out on your own?

If you were hiding Easter eggs in your dreamscape, you may want someone to find something out about you but you want them to do a bit of work first. 

You don’t want to make it easy for them. Perhaps you want them to prove themselves to you in some way. 

If hunting for eggs at Easter was a family tradition when you were small, maybe you need to reinstate something from your childhood that you have neglected since getting older. 

This could be a literal dream and maybe you need to set up a hunt to celebrate Easter or perhaps there is another part of your childhood you miss that you can recreate now for the benefit of your own children or yourself.

To open an Easter egg and find an unusual trinket inside implies that you feel something is out of place in your world.  What can you do to redress the balance or do you need to adjust to this change in order to please someone else?

To see a chocolate Easter egg depends on how you feel about this sweet treat in your waking hours. If you enjoy eating chocolate, you may be thrilled at what is being offered to you in your waking hours.

On the flipside, if you dislike the confectionary product or are allergic to its ingredients, do you believe someone is trying to make things uncomfortable for you or force you into something you don’t want to do?

Do you need to politely decline and walk away if they don’t have your best interests at heart?

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