To dream about breakfast suggests you are about to start something in your waking hours. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

The dream is dependent on how you feel about this new beginning in your life. If the dream was plagued with negativity, perhaps you are dreading this new phase, however if you felt happy in the dream you may be embracing this next chapter and looking forward to what it will bring.

If you were eating your breakfast slowly, you may be taking too long to get something off the ground. Perhaps you are dragging your feet- if so- what is making you hesitant to progress? How is your attitude affecting those around you? Perhaps you are bringing others down with your lack of motivation- especially if you are at the forefront of the project. 

To eat breakfast quickly implies that you are jumping into something without really thinking it through. It’s possible you need to take some more time to consider all eventualities as there might be things you’ve not yet thought of.

Breakfast can also mean you need to take some time out from something in your life. This continuation might not be serving you well and you need to break away from it for a while or you might become blind to errors or fresh opportunities. If anything- you may feel more inspired when you return after a period of respite. 

What do you typically eat for breakfast? Perhaps your breakfast of choice whether than be toast, cereal, pastry or a full English is making you unwell. Is there something you could choose instead that would give your body what it really needs?

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Perhaps the dream is encouraging you to eat breakfast if you don’t already. You may be someone who isn’t at their most productive in the mornings, so maybe you need to make an extra effort to get more out of the earlier hours in the day. 

If you didn’t enjoy your breakfast in the dream, maybe your days are getting off to a bad start. Do you have some bad habits when you wake that you need to break? It’s possible if you try to omit these from your morning routine and introduce some better habits you will have a more positive attitude to breakfast time.  

These could be things like eating in bed or on the go instead of at the table or something unrelated to eating- only you know what you could improve during this time in the day.

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Consider where you might not be giving your all. At work? Home? Within a social circle? Why are you not able to dedicate as much time to these areas as you’d like? Can you make some changes or is it out of your hands? To eat chocolate spread to excess in your dream, such as with a spoon rather than smearing it over toast or pastries implies that you aren’t living as healthily as you could be. Are your eating habits a problem? Or is there something else you need to address health wise? Lack of exercise, smoking or drinking perhaps?To smother a thick layer of chocolate spread over a baked good that had cracks or was broken means you are trying to hide something in your waking hours. Who are you making excuses for? Or what are you trying to cover up? Is it worth it or will the truth come out eventually?... 

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