Cats and females actually share many traits; elegance, a love of relaxation and luxury, as well as a will to protect one's self. Therefore, if you're a woman dreaming of cats, then it suggests these characteristics relate to your waking life. 

Cats make wonderful companions / Picture Credit: Unsplash

Cats make wonderful companions / Picture Credit: Unsplash

Dreams of a kitten 

To dream of a kitten infers that you are likely to be misled by others soon; it is important that to try to be positive in this time. 

You should do your best, if you can, to become a leader; you will want to stay ahead of any competitors with quick thinking and a positive attitude. 

Cat’s collar 

Dreaming of a cat’s collar can suggest that you may feel slightly restrained in the near future. 

However, if you dream of a domestic cat (which you have seen in waking life), then you are a person who tackles adversity very well; you should be proud of this fact and face your waking life with ease. 

You should be able to relax easier, knowing that you are well-equipped to face anything from work blunders to your personal life. 

Talking cat 

As we all know, some dreams can be a little odd, so, if you dream of a cat speaking to you in your dream, try to listen carefully... 

If a cat speaks to you within your dream, it suggests that you should attempt to make peace with your inner self, as well as/or your inner femininity. 

If you are a woman, then seeking ways to understand and love your feminine side may do you wonders. 

Have faith in your feline friends / Picture Credit: Unsplash
Have faith in your feline friends / Picture Credit: Unsplash

Attacked by a cat 

To be attacked by a cat within your dream, then times may be tough for a short while. 

If you have met an angry or even hostile cat within your dream, then this could suggest that you may come into contact with someone you consider untrustworthy; if you have not already done so, then this person may reveal themself to you soon. 

Fluffy cat 

Dreaming of a fluffy cat can indicate that you wish to be more comfortable in life. 

This could mean a number of things, from physically to financially or emotionally; you should try and take time out of your regular day now and then in order to figure out what you really want. 

You should also do your best to take care of yourself a little better; this could mean a self-care day doing your favourite things, or meeting with friends for a coffee to lift your spirits. 

Attacked by a cat 

For your dreams to include a cat attacking you means that a relationship you’re in, whether this be a family, friend or otherwise, may be getting hostile. 

If arguing becomes persistent, then it is time to sit down and discuss the problems; however, if this doesn’t seem like it will help, then it could be time to cut ties. Think about this carefully, though, don’t cut someone out if you believe there is hope. 

Kittens bring joy everywhere they go / Picture Credit: Unsplash
Kittens bring joy everywhere they go / Picture Credit: Unsplash

Your cat 

If you have a cat of your own, then a dream about your feline friend can be a very lucky one indeed. 

In dreams, cats represent a source of happiness and joy, and are a delightful companion to you as your pet. 

When seeing your own cat in your dream, this means that you are looking for comfort, which you can no doubt find in your cat; however, maybe it’s time to step outside your comfort zone and seek other ways to bring happiness to yourself. 

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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