Seeing a lamb in a dream can often mean that you are heading into a situation with an innocence and vulnerability, perhaps you are naïve to the problems or dangers you might face.

We find out what it means to dream about a lamb

We find out what it means to dream about a lamb

Consider the phrase- ‘gentle as a lamb’ do you need to be gentler towards someone in your waking hours? Or does this describe you now? Perhaps you need to be less gentle in a situation if it means you are missing out or being walked all over.

Do you need someone to be gentler towards you? If so, it might be time to let them know that their approach lacks the gentleness, love and warmth you desire.

If you were holding a lamb- this might be considered by some to mean a spiritual sacrifice. What have you given up lately that you didn’t want to? Perhaps you have regrets about what you have recently let go of. Are you about to sacrifice something for someone else or even for the greater good in your own life?

If you also saw lambs in the field with their mothers, this might indicate a happy relationship with your own mother, that your children are showing you love right now or that you are thinking of starting a family of your own.

Seeing lambs frolicking in the grass can also mean that you are filled with joy in your waking life and you feel a contentedness with everything you have right now.

If it was springtime, it can be symbolic of new beginnings and fresh starts. Perhaps you are looking to move to a new house, change jobs, seek a new relationship or alter a habit.

If you were cooking, eating or serving up lamb, this might foretell improvements in your financial circumstances.

A dead lamb is generally associated with feelings of hurting innocent people. Perhaps you were an innocent in a situation that you have been blamed or all the same. Or maybe you know someone who is being punished for something that was not of their doing.


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