To dream about set jelly or jello suggests that you have had a wobble in your waking hours lately. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

You have had a period of uncertainty after you thought you had made your final decision about something significant in your life. 

What or who has caused this unsteadiness in your world and how can you regain some balance once again?

It is normal to waver, especially if it’s a big choice you need to make so don’t be too hard on yourself if you don't know which avenue to take.

If you were making jelly and leaving it to set, perhaps you need to give something a bit longer- before you can really enjoy the benefits of it. The dream might be telling you to be patient and you will thank yourself for it when the time comes. 

If you were trying to drink unset jelly, you may already be rushing into something. Why are you so eager when the result won’t be half as good? Think about the long term impact of holding off. 

Jelly is often served at children’s parties along with ice cream or cream so perhaps the dream is telling you to seek out something from your past that might be relevant to your present or future. 

More simply, you may just need to adopt a more childlike attitude and have some fun- especially if the jelly was being served at a party with lots of other kids around. Can you take a leaf from their book?

To shake some jelly, may represent feelings of fear you have about something in your life. 

You are worried or concerned about an upcoming meeting, interview, conversation or event. 

Try not to let your nerves have too much of a hold on you. 

Perhaps you have built it up to be far worse in your mind than it actually is. 

If you were putting jelly into a mould, consider what shape it took as this could add greater significance to the dream. 

For instance a heart shaped mould may have something to do with your relationship or love life. An animal shape mould could be related to your pets or a butterfly shaped mould might be linked to rebirth or a fresh start. The shape can be very telling so try to remember what it was. 

To make jelly with boiling water in a dream means caution is needed in some area of your life. 

You need to be careful momentarily or you could end up getting hurt. 

If you scalded your skin on the hot water, perhaps someone has already caused you pain. 

The dream might be warning you not to get burned twice by inviting them back into your world. 

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They can also symbolise light heartedness, positive energy and joy- you might be feeling generally relaxed and content with life right now. On the flipside- are you yearning for this if life has been burdened by negativity lately? If the jellybeans were all different colours, this could represent the huge variety and choices you have in your life right now. You might be feeling comfortable with the knowledge that you are not restricted to one path- you have many options. On the other hand, the vast number of avenues that are available to you might be overwhelming because you’re not sure which one to take...

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