Johnny Depp is at the heart of the media’s attention right now so it’s no surprise that he is slipping into the dreamscapes of many people- whether they are a fan of the actor or not. So, if Depp has appeared in your dreams, here are some insights. 

Newscom / Alamy Stock Photo

Newscom / Alamy Stock Photo

Depp’s family reportedly moved around frequently when he was little before settling in Florida, so perhaps seeing him resonates with you because you have struggled to find somewhere to call home. Maybe you are still searching for the right location to put down some roots. If so, you may be doing the right thing by trying out different areas to find a perfect match. While you may be tired of the upheaval, it will be worth it when you feel at peace in your surroundings. 

During the 1980s Depp played in a band called The Kids, however they broke up in 1984, so it’s possible this taps into a feeling of leaving something you love behind. It may be directly related to you- perhaps you were a musician and gave it up to pursue another career path, or maybe it's something you have always wanted to explore. Either way- is it time you revisited it again if it’s something you miss? 

Depp’s then wife Lori Ann Allison apparently introduced him to the actor Nicolas Cage and he was the one who encouraged him to go into acting. Have you been having conversations with someone lately who believes you need a change of course? If so, have you considered taking their advice? If you trust their judgement, maybe you could explore your other options, however if you don’t- just be polite, listen to their advice and move on. 

Depp made his acting debut in 1984 in A Nightmare on Elm Street, which may have been a significant time in your world. If you were born in the late 70s or early 80s, he may have featured in some of the TV shows and movies that you watched growing up such as 21 Jump Street. 

Perhaps this time was special in your life and you are looking to relive some of your childhood with your own kids or maybe you are attempting to come to terms with something that happened during this period of your life. 

Depp has had a long running professional relationship with director Tim Burton, appearing in his movies Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood, Sleepy Hollow, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Sweeney Todd and Alice in Wonderland. It’s possible you dreamed of Depp because you have a longstanding working relationship with someone. Perhaps this person whom you have a lot of respect for is planning to leave their current role or maybe you have uncharacteristically disagreed over something to do with work. Given how long you have been successfully collaborating- if the latter is true- what can you do to return to the rapport you once had? 

If they are leaving and will no longer be working alongside you- the dream might be telling you to make an extra effort to keep in touch. What you once bonded over so passionately is no longer so you will need to ensure you find something else to replace it with. 

Depp is known mostly for playing unusual and eccentric characters- the most famous of all being Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean films. To see Depp in your dreams suggests you have recently met someone who you are struggling to establish a connection with. Perhaps you don't entirely trust them or they are socially awkward and that puts you on edge. Do you need to give yourself a bit more time to adjust to them given that they are so different to everyone else you have ever met or does your gut tell you to keep your distance? 

We can’t ignore the fact that his most recent relationship with Amber Heard has been a turbulent one, so to dream of Depp pertains to relationship troubles in your own world. Perhaps you and your partner have been going through a break up lately and you can relate to the hurt that they are feeling. Have you also been dealing with a separation that has captured the interest of a wider group of people? If so, this could be why he featured in your dreams.  

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