Dreaming about this particular beauty product can correlate to feelings and concepts that strongly relate to love, happiness, and passion. Be careful, however, as this item can also have connotations of betrayal...

Red lipstick - Picture Credit: Pixabay

Red lipstick - Picture Credit: Pixabay

A dream about lipstick should be analysed due to it’s varying meanings that could be positive or negative; here are seven things that dreaming about lipstick could mean for you.

Seeing lipstick

Simply seeing lipstick in your dream can highlight your relationship with others, as it represents your social side.

Since lipstick is used on the lips, it can mean that you have failed to say something to someone, perhaps admit a feeling or discuss a serious matter.

You lack meaning in both your actions and your words, meaning you should be careful with what you say, and how you say it; you don’t want to upset anyone.

Using lipstick

A dream involving the use of lipstick can signify a general picture. It infers that you make good use of your (generally feminine) qualities, such as helpful wisdom or advice in regard to your relationship with others.

This can, in turn, mean that your social skills are brilliant.

However, do not be too confident that you lose focus, which may allow others to deceive you.

You should know how to balance things in order to keep on top.

Buying lipstick

Dreaming of purchasing this beauty product means you should be tentative with those around you; this dream can signify betrayal and lack of truck within those close to you.

Simple things such as gossip can cause concern for you, and you may be interested to see what is being said; this interest may disrupt your day-to-day life and make it more complex.

The best thing to do is ignore the gossip and/or debates; this way, you are not distracted and your future isn’t shaken by something unimportant.

Picture Credit: Pixabay
Picture Credit: Pixabay

Red lipstick

While red lipstick may be the prettiest colour to some, it can have negative connotations within your dream.

This particular colour of lipstick can mean there are issues within your relationship that needs to be overcome; if you are married or in a committed relationship, be careful.

This dream also shows that betrayal is possible, as well as intrigue and perhaps jealousy.

You should try to monitor the relationship between you and your loved one, in order to keep the bond strong; taking a closer look at your relationship can help you understand what could be wrong.

Pink lipstick

If you have dreamt about pink lipstick, it’s your lucky day!

You should relax and enjoy your relationships; whether that be your intimate, family, or friendships.

This colour mainly focuses on love and passion. If you have used this lipstick in your dreams, it can suggest that your relationship will get better.

If you are thinking about having children, this is your opportunity! Pink lipstick also falls into the theme of motherhood.

Losing lipstick

Losing your lipstick on real life may be a common occurrence, but the dream has meanings you should definitely pay attention to.

This dream is a cautionary warning for your friendships, and any other social relationships.

You should be more careful with how you present yourself to others.

Dreams such as this can suggest you have a dark side; you may be hiding your behavior or traits in front of others.

Finding lipstick

Finding lipstick can indicate that a secret may unravel itself soon, if it hasn’t already.

You dream containing lipstick suggests betrayal and intrigue, however if you have found lipstick, you will find the reasoning behind the understanding.

You should now make it your goal to better understand certain situations, and learn how to be smarter when it comes to uncomfortable situations.

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