To dream about lunch suggests you are part way through something in your waking hours. / Alamy Stock Photo / Alamy Stock Photo

Consider what projects you are currently in the middle of in your life at present- the dream might be telling you to persevere even if they have taken their toll on you so far. The end result will be worth all the time and effort- just keep focusing on the big picture. 

You might be feeling smug that you have reached this point- but the dream could be telling you not to get too complacent as you still have the same to do again. 

However, you may be investing too much of yourself into something that has no potential. Even though you have reached the halfway point, admit defeat, leave it alone and move onto something else that is worth your energy. 

Along the same vein, perhaps you have used up half of your allocated time on something and you don’t feel like you’ve achieved a lot with the time that has passed. Are you now anxious that you won’t be able to complete it?

If you had a lunch break in your dreamscape, perhaps the dream is urging you to step away and recalibrate. If you have been working hard lately, maybe you need some rest. Perhaps now is the perfect time to request some well deserved holiday or to take better care of yourself once your work is done at the end of the day. 

On the flipside, if you were eating lunch at your desk, do you need to power through something to get it done? Maybe stopping, even if momentarily, will only halt your progress and you can’t afford to lose the time. Keep the momentum on something going. 

If you were eating lunch on the move, perhaps you feel rushed into something in your waking hours. Is someone pressuring you into making a decision you aren’t ready for or is the pace of something too much for you? If so, do you need to tell this person or step away from whatever is moving at lightning speed if you know you will never catch up?

To eat a leisurely lunch implies that you are taking your time with something and people may be getting impatient with your lack of urgency. Try applying a bit of pressure to get things moving because you can’t keep going at this speed- nothing will ever get done this way. 

Try to recall what you were eating and consider what you usually eat for your lunch when you’re awake. A salad when all you consume is junk food could indicate a need to eat more healthfully and a treat when you generally eat well implies you need a little bit of what you like sometimes. 

A liquid lunch suggests you aren’t taking good care of yourself or that you aren’t hydrating yourself adequately during the day with water. 

Remember it’s important to sustain yourself, especially when you are at the heart of something to help you reach the finish line.

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