To dream about sharing suggests you are being selfish with your spoils right now and should consider giving to others. 

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Westend61 GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

This doesn’t necessarily have to be in monetary terms, but perhaps you are being selfish with your time or your attention and might want to consider the impact it is having on your relationships. 

Are you investing in your partner? Do your children feel second best to something else in your life? Are your friendships struggling? If so, it might be time to refocus your attention on those around you rather than on yourself. 

Perhaps you are someone who is already adept at sharing and you have given up so much of yourself and your resources that you are now struggling to get by. Remember that you can only help others if you have the tools to do so and depriving yourself means you won’t be able to extend your kindness. 

It’s possible you have had to give something up lately- at least some of it and it’s taken its toll on you. Perhaps you didn’t want to give any of it up and despite still having something to your name, it still feels like a huge loss for you. 

This could be in the form of sharing a space with a new partner or roommate when you previously lived alone or doing a job share at work. 

Sharing can be difficult, especially when you are used to having it all, so the dream might be telling you to try and accept this sacrifice and move on. It may not be such a bad thing and may teach you a valuable lesson. 

To take out shares in a company implies that you are invested in something in your waking hours. You are willing to put money behind a venture because you have faith in it doing well. 

Perhaps you are buying a house, a new car or putting funds into a new business and you feel confident that it will be well spent. 

Consider the size of the share you were getting in the dream. Was your slice or portion less than everyone else's? If so, do you believe you have been short changed somehow? Alternatively, if you got far more than those you were sharing with, do you feel you have been given an unfair advantage or is it right that you get a bigger piece of the pie? 

If you saw kids struggling to share in your dreamscape, it’s possible you have struggled with this since your childhood and you need to look back to the source to establish where this all began to help you change your ways in the present.

To tell children to share in a dream when you know it’s a downfall of yours, means you need to be willing to do things yourself that you would normally ask of others. 

The dream could be a simple reflection of your own challenges as a parent if you have a child or children who can’t grasp the concept of sharing. It may be something you are worried about in this stage of their development and need to consider ways in which to tackle this before it gets worse.

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