To dream about having magic powers indicates a desire to control your world more. Perhaps you currently feel powerless in your waking hours and you want to gain some influence over things in your life. 

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Is your relationship falling apart? Is your job in danger? Are your friendships suffering or are there problems in your homelife? All of these events can feel like the power has been taken away from us.

While regaining some authority is within your remit, remember that you can’t dominate everything- the dream could be telling you to loosen up a little or you could be losing the love and support of others. 

Along the same vein, if someone else had all the power in your dream, you may feel hopeless in the presence of this person. Don’t let them govern your existence if this is not what you signed up for. 

Perhaps you have recently received a promotion and the power is going to your head. You do have new responsibilities to uphold, however don’t forget where you started. Respect those who are in the same position now for in years to come they may be your professional equal. 

Consider what powers you had in your dream as this can provide additional meaning. If you were able to make yourself invisible, perhaps you want to hide away right now and go unnoticed. If so- why? Who has made you feel this way? 

If you had the ability to make things disappear, you may want something to go away in your life- you want it to be that easy, but sadly- it’s not- you need to face up to whatever it is. 

To float in your dream indicates a feeling of superiority- you think you are above those around you because of your achievements or upbringing. The dream is a reminder to you that you are just the same as everyone else in your life. It may be time to explore this elevated opinion of yourself and where it stems from. 

Is power something that scares you in your waking hours? Perhaps you are intimidated by it and the dream is a sign to work on this. This fear may be stifling your professional progress. 

If there was a power cut in your dream, it’s likely you have experienced some interruption in your life. What has monetarily halted your progress? A person? Try to remember who was with you in the dream as this could be the very person who is trying to interfere with your schedule.

An event may have affected your plan, however if there is nothing you can do to change it- you may just have to go with the flow. Rest assured that things will go back to normal at some point- you just need to be patient. Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned here- to prepare for any eventuality, then it won’t be such a shock when it does happen.

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