If you were praying in your dreamscape it’s possible you are hoping to escape from an undesirable situation.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

You are hoping for the best of a bad situation. Do you feel you need help in your waking hours with something? Perhaps you think you can’t fix it all by yourself.

Do you feel powerless against something or someone? It’s possible your self-belief is at an all-time low right now. Do you really need the assistance of others or is it your attitude that is holding you back? How can you reclaim that confidence in yourself again?

Do you place too much hope in faith and fate? Perhaps you need to take action to help yourself or indeed someone else rather than simply yearning for a better outcome.

Are you wasting your time simply wishing for something to come to fruition when the answer lies with you?

Do you rely too much on other people to help carry you through the hard times? If so, you could take this opportunity to go it alone as you might be avoiding change when change is be the best thing for you. Change is ultimately a part of life.

It’s possible you want to be heard and the people you want to aren’t listening. Do you need to turn to someone else in your time of need? You may seek help but aren’t getting it from those you thought you could turn to.

Alternatively, do you need to let something go? If you have been holding onto an idea, opinion or judgement that is not serving you- it might benefit you to say goodbye to it.

Another interpretation is that you want to rise above a situation rather than get tangled in the middle of it.

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If you saw someone you know sleeping next to you it’s possible you are avoiding a problem within this relationship. Perhaps you are worried about bringing up a particular issue or you are surrendering to it because to deal with it would involve hard work. The dream could be telling you not to lose sleep over something. It’s not worth the worry, so don’t let it affect your time for rest. The dream might suggest that you need to sleep on something. Perhaps you are making decisions too hastily and you need to really think about things before you make your next move...

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