To dream about reading suggests that you are trying to work through ideas and solutions to problems that are happening in your waking hours. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

If what you were reading was very similar to your own life, you may be looking for insights into your behaviours and your reactions to situations if you are unsure of where they arise from. 

Consider the type of book, paper or piece you were reading and who wrote it- it’s possible the dream is telling you to seek out some expert advice if the writer was a person of authority. 

Perhaps you are uninformed or naive about a subject in your life right now and the dream is urging you to read up on it before you make any decisions based on what little you know at present. 

Reading can also represent an open mindedness. Perhaps you are someone who is genuinely curious about the world and likes to gain as much information as you possibly can. 

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You may like to seek out the facts for yourself rather than relying on hearsay or people’s interpretations of the facts. This is even more likely if you were reading a factual book or article. 

If you were reading fiction, it’s possible you are looking for some sort of distraction in your life. The reality of what is going around you may be too hard to bear and you want to escape from it. Do you need to confront whatever it is that going on? 

More simply, perhaps reading is something you once enjoyed and you haven’t read a book lately. Perhaps you need to return to this if it was something that once brought joy to your life. 

If the book, article or magazine was old, it’s possible your views are outdated and you need to adapt to the times. Perhaps the information you hold is inaccurate and you need to welcome in some new ideas.

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You may want to do something on your own but perhaps you’re not emotionally or physically ready just yet. There may be others around you who are in the place you want so desperately to be but you might lack the maturity to do it yourself. You could be naive as to what something really involves and lack the right judgement to take it forward. This will probably come with time so the dream could be telling you to stop wishing your life away and enjoy the place you are in now. What you crave will come to you eventually if you are patient. If you are feeling open-minded about life, the people and the opportunities it holds right now, this could be why you dreamed about a teenager... 

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