To dream about repetition suggests that something in your life may be annoying you. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

You have a constant source of irritation and it’s getting you down. What can you do to put a stop to this? If you can’t end whatever it is that is affecting you so badly, can you find a way to deal with it better? 

Perhaps some professional help might aid you in this area to learn to drown out the incessant noise or behaviour. 

Repetition might refer to something in your life that you do over and over again. If this habit is bad for you, do you need to break it to live a more healthful life? Perhaps you have smoked, drank or eaten poorly for so long it’s second nature now but you know that it’s not good for you and you need to change. 

Maybe the dream is telling you to break the cycle if the repetition has become a crutch for you. If your life is just a course of repeated actions, is it time to shake things up and do them differently? Otherwise opportunities might just pass you by if you are stuck on this treadmill of tasks. 

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If you were repeating the words of someone else, the dream could be urging you to think for yourself and not rely on other people’s utterances and actions to get you through. To stand on your own two feet for a change and not live your life through others. 

It could also be a sign that you are trying to copy someone you admire. If this has got to a point of being unhealthy, it may be time to distance yourself from this person. The reality is, you will never become them so it’s vital you pave your own way and not try to follow exactly in their footsteps. Consider your social media usage as this could be the catalyst for wanting to be like others and not your authentic self. 

If someone else was saying words that weren’t theirs in the dream, it may be up to you to encourage them not to live in the shadow of others. 

If you are repeating negative past behaviours in your waking life, it may be wise to stop yourself in your tracks and examine where it took you last time. An example might be- entering into a new relationship with someone who you know is bad for you or spending time procrastinating while you could be doing something more meaningful. 

While the person or situation might be attractive to you in the short term- try to recall how it made you feel once the initial excitement faded. 

Finally, if a situation from your past keeps repeating itself in your dreamscapes, it's possible you are still plagued by a feeling or an action from this time. Perhaps you need to deal with this before you can move on. The recurring dream could be a sign that you’re not over whatever happened during this period in your history and it needs to be resolved before you can look towards your future. 

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You are comfortable with a decision you have just made and are able to sleep with a clear conscience. You are satisfied with your choices. More negatively, it could mean that you are ignorant to the feelings and situations around you. Perhaps you are not aware or have been informed about something. It’s possible you have but you don’t want to get involved or you no longer care about it. If you saw someone you know sleeping next to you it’s possible you are avoiding a problem within this relationship. Perhaps you are worried about bringing up a particular issue or you are surrendering to it because to deal with it would involve hard work.The dream could be telling you not to lose sleep over something. It’s not worth the worry, so don’t let it affect your time for rest… 

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