If you dreamed about playing rugby, you may be tackling something with too much aggression in your waking hours. 

Augustas Cetkauskas / Alamy Stock Photo

Augustas Cetkauskas / Alamy Stock Photo

Be mindful of how competitive you are towards the people in your life- are you coming on too strong? 

Perhaps you live or work in an environment where this is the normal way to interact with others, if that’s the case- fine, but ensure you shift your mindset when you are in a different location with new people as they will probably not have the same ethos. Don’t assume anything until you know where you stand in fresh situations and crowds. 

If you were in a scrum, you may be feeling some resistance in your waking life right now. Consider who was on the opposing team for greater insight as this may be the very person who is causing you the most grief. The dream could be telling you that you are not achieving anything by being locked into this position. You need to find another way to overcome this issue. 

If you were watching a rugby match and your side was winning, it’s likely you have had to be more forceful to get your point across in your life lately. Politeness and diplomacy were getting you nowhere and you needed to take things up a notch. 

Perhaps you believe in something so passionately at work, you had to push really hard to get others to see it through your eyes. Or maybe your partner was not pulling their weight and you needed an honest conversation about the state of your relationship. Did you have to ‘push back’ at a family member who was being unreasonable? These are just examples- only you will know how this relates to your world and the people in it. 

To play rugby and be unnecessarily violent or angry, implies that you use these extreme emotions to hide behind how you’re actually feeling. This may be causing your relationships irreparable damage so it’s vital that you find other ways to express what is actually going on inside. 

If you trust the people in your immediate circle and they genuinely care about you, they will be more than willing to help you peel back the layers. 

If you were watching a game of rugby, you are merely an observer to some boisterous behaviour either in your personal or professional life. The best thing might be to stay out of it and to see how it unfolds from the sidelines. If you try to intervene you could end up getting hurt, especially if you aren’t privy to all the information. If you are usually the one in control, are you struggling to stay objective? 

On the other hand, if you left the wings and went onto the pitch with the players, do you know that you will have an influence over this conflict? Perhaps you are just the person to decide who has the winning formula. 

Whether you were playing or simply watching a game of rugby, to dream of it may simply suggest that despite the roughness of life at times, you are taking it in your stride. You recognise that everyone has a tumble every now and then and that you will meet people who are intent on getting in your way. The important thing is that you get up, you keep going and you move forward every time and for that you should give yourself a pat on the back.

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