If you dreamed about a star shape, this could be linked to something in your waking hours you feel you are doing to the best of your ability.

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

Perhaps you work really hard at your job, give your all to your partner, are a devoted parent or are committed to a hobby that’s important to you. If so- this is something you should be proud of- but ask yourself if you are taking this dedication to the extreme.

If you were looking up at a sky full of stars in your dreamscape and focusing on one in particular, this might reflect something you really want. If you could- you would wish upon a star to make it come true. Consider what you yearn for the most in life and the star could be a representation of this. Once you can identify what it is- it might be time to go out and get it.

If you weren’t preoccupied with just one star and were admiring the entire night sky, you may be in awe of something or someone at present. Do you need to learn by their example? Does their behaviour inspire you? Or does this event make you want to be a better person? Can you hone the greatness of this person or thing to improve your own life?

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On the flipside, looking at a vast night sky might mirror your feelings of inadequacy and perceived powerlessness. Have you given yourself an impossible challenge? Are your goals unachievable? Or do you feel someone else has imposed this upon you? If so it perhaps you need to be more realistic in your ambitions.

Searching for a star in an empty sky can denote feelings of emptiness and loss. How can you make your life feel full again?

If one star was shining more brightly than the rest think about what this might represent. Could it be the key to your happiness? Are you neglecting the very thing that lights you up? If so, it might be time to return to what truly makes you content in life.

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Consider the phrase- reach for the sky or the sky’s the limit- you may have high aspirations and goals that you want to achieve. If you are an ambitious person, perhaps the dream is telling you to reach as high as you can and to push yourself to get to where you want to be. On the other hand if you were reaching towards the sky and couldn’t touch it- perhaps you have set your expectations too high and you need to be more realistic in your endeavours. If the sky moved towards you as you raised your hand, it’s possible you are finding things too easy or someone is doing most of the work for you. Consider who else was in the dream with you for additional meaning...

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