Tapas are small Spanish savoury dishes generally served with beverages at a bar so dreaming of this suggests you need to do everything in moderation. 

Karl Allgaeuer / Alamy Stock Photo

Karl Allgaeuer / Alamy Stock Photo

Perhaps you are taking things to the extreme right now and the dream is telling you that a little bit of what you like is much better for you than indulging in one particular thing. 

On the flipside, it's possible you feel you aren’t getting enough of something and you want more. Are you in the wrong setting for this kind of craving? 

The dream could be a sign that you have too many choices and you are struggling to decide. Does it have to be so definitive or can you take aspects from all areas and bring the best bits together?

Tapas might tap into your feelings of not wanting to share with others. Do you prefer to have clearly defined boundaries as to what is yours and what belongs to other people? Is this attitude affecting your relationships? Perhaps you were once free and easy with your share but a bad experience left you with a broken sense of trust.

Sometimes served as appetisers, tapas could indicate the beginning of something in your dreams. Perhaps you are just getting started and the dream is telling you to push on with whatever it is- who knows where it will take you. If the tapas tasted good, you are bound to have a positive experience. However, if the tapas was inedible, don’t be put off by this- sometimes projects have a rocky start but that doesn't mean they will end in the same vein. 

On the other hand, if the tapas tasted bad, it might be time to abandon this path as it has disaster written all over it. Just as you might walk out of a restaurant that serves bad tapas, you may want to head in the other direction if you are already disappointed with something in your waking hours. 

The dream could be giving you a nudge to try something new. If you allow events to play out the same every time and never deviate from your routine- why not mix things up a bit? You never know, you might just like whatever it is that you haven’t experienced before. 

Variety is the spice of life and it’s possible yours lacks the diversity needed to make it more interesting. If you are dissatisfied with your lot, it may be time to introduce several new elements to keep things fresh.  

Consider what tapas you were eating in your dream and who you were with- if it was cold, it’s possible this person is deliberately trying to make you feel uncomfortable. Alternatively, if you were being served hot tapas, the person sitting opposite or next to you might be too passionate and intense for you right now.  

It all depends on what you are looking for from this person- if these extremes are not to your taste, it may be prudent to walk away and spend time with someone who lies in the middle ground somewhere.

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