To dream about playing tennis implies that you are giving as good as you are getting lately. 

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Someone is toying with you and you are holding your own. If this is simply playful banter, then there is no harm done- keep going if you both find it entertaining. 

Does this prolonged exchange mean something more than you give it credit for? A budding romance perhaps? Or potential friendship?

However, if your opponent was hitting the ball in every direction other than on the court, someone in your waking hours wants to show you up in front of others. Consider who was in the game with you as this could be the very person you need to be wary of. 

If you were consistently missing the ball with your racquet, it’s possible you are out of your depth in some area of your life. Despite how hard you try, you may never hit the ball or more simply put- get the point. Better to move on and play on another court or a different game completely. 

On the other hand, if you were able to hit the ball a few times, perhaps you just need some practice. Don’t quit on something too early if it has potential. 

To watch a tennis match implies that something is going back and forth in your waking hours and you’re not really getting anywhere with it. 

Are you arguing over who has the deciding vote? Or are you struggling to complete something because everyone can’t decide on a suitable outcome? Do you want to organise a date in the calendar but people keep coming up with excuses to move it? 

To play a tennis match with your partner indicates a lack of resolution in your relationship. If you can’t come together and agree on whatever this issue is- do you need to part ways? 

If the players were tired during a tennis match, perhaps it’s time to call whatever it represents a day. The manpower is flagging and no progress is being made- you aren’t getting the best from everyone involved so you are already fighting a losing battle. 

On the other hand, maybe you are struggling to make a decision about something or someone. You keep toing and froing and the dream could be telling you it’s time to choose. Your reluctance to commit hasn’t gone unnoticed by those around you.

A tennis match can also pertain to business relationships. If the match was aggressive, perhaps you are finding it difficult to work with someone at present. Is this something you need to take to senior management or can you find a solution between yourselves? If not, do you need to move on from your current post if the entire company ethos doesn’t merge with your own? 

On the other hand, if the match was good for you both, you may be working hard on a project with someone of equal ability. Even if things are going swimmingly, one of you is still going to benefit more than the other so make sure you don’t let your guard down and do your best at all times. 

Finally, if you heard the word ‘love’ during a game of tennis, try to remember who was in the dream with you. Do you need to tell someone how you feel? Or if it was your current partner- do they need some reassurance that you love them still?

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