Today (November 25th, 2021) is Thanksgiving, a holiday typically celebrated in the United States, as well as Granada, Saint Lucia and Liberia. It began as a day of giving thanks and sacrifice for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. 

Are you dreaming about Thanksgiving? / Picture Credit: Unsplash

Are you dreaming about Thanksgiving? / Picture Credit: Unsplash

Around the time of this holiday, if you celebrate it you may begin to dream about the event; whether this be due to excitement or stress over preparing food, etcetera. 

If you are having dreams about Thanksgiving, here are some of the possible dreams you can have, and what they could mean. 

Generally, the sight of real-life events in our dreams may symbolise hidden desires for a better life. Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to gather around the table with your whole family and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere you’ve all created. 

Dreaming of this beloved holiday may signify the need of love or adoration in your life, or perhaps even the need to show more love towards others. 

If your dream consists of you sitting around the table with your family having Thanksgiving dinner, then you are more than likely to be very satisfied with your family life just as it is. You have a very caring family that you can go to for any problem, or for a fun day out. 

Some may dream about getting around the table with family / Picture Credit: Unsplash
Some may dream about getting around the table with family / Picture Credit: Unsplash

This dream is very much a reflection of your waking life, and shows the connections that you have with those around you; you’re unlikely to want to change anything, which is a blessing you should be thankful for. 

If you dream of being in charge of all the Thanksgiving Day preparations, it can mean that you feel slightly exploited within your family. The responsibilities you are burdened with may seem a little too much for you to deal with, and you wish there was an easier way to convey your emotions. 

This might be a sign to perhaps speak to your family on an honest level; try to sit them down, or mention your feelings when everyone is around the table or relaxing in the living room, and calmly explain how you feel. 

If you have dreamt that a guest is missing at Thanksgiving dinner, and you feel somewhat sad about this, then it is highly likely that, in your waking life, you love someone who has no idea or does not share your feelings. 

If the person that is missing isn’t particularly important, then it could be symbolising the opposite: someone has feelings for you and you haven’t realised yet. Also, you may feel the need to thank or talk to someone that you can no longer speak with. 

What are you feeling thankful for this year? / Picture Credit: Unsplash
What are you feeling thankful for this year? / Picture Credit: Unsplash

If you have a nightmare about Thanksgiving being ruined, and you are finding it hard to understand how this could happen, it infers that you have had some past experiences that were not entirely positive. 

Perhaps you worked too hard and didn’t get the results you wanted or hoped for, or maybe you feel that you are not appreciated by the ones around you. This dream could also be a warning to let you know that you cannot control everything, and that’s perfectly okay. 

A dream involving a mysterious Thanksgiving guest arriving at your home may mean that someone new will appear in your waking life. If you are single, this could infer that you will find someone who excites you romantically. 

If you are in a relationship, however, this may be a sign to speak to your partner about something that may not be working; don’t worry though, as this discussion does not have to feel negative, it can be both positive and productive. 

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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