What does it mean to dream about the colour black?

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

If you dream about the colour black it suggests that you have a negative mindset in your waking hours right now or in general.

Perhaps a situation has reached the extreme. Consider the feelings that might be contributing to this way of thinking- fear or loss of control perhaps?

It’s possible you feel that there is nothing positive in your life right now- that all the light and happiness has been sucked out of your day to day existence.

If this is the case- is there anything you can change to reverse this feeling? Do you need to distance yourself from someone or abandon a behaviour?

Black is a colour that often appears in the dreams of people who are suffering from depression, anxiety or addictions. It suggests that your moods, mindset and behaviours are being affected by any or all of these conditions. The dream could be telling you to get help if you haven’t already or at the very least admit to yourself that you are struggling with something.

On the other hand- this colour could be highlighting to you that you are treating other people badly. If this sounds like you- is it time that you treated those around you with more respect?

Do you have negative intentions? If so, your dreamscape could be urging you to rethink these intentions and to find another way or a means of avoiding this action altogether.

Perhaps you fear the worst in all situations in your life and the dream is a way for you to explore the most hopeless outcome without having to in your real life.

If you were surrounded by black- you may be struggling to find your way at present. Perhaps you feel lost and are looking for a way out, lonely because there was no one else in the dream with you or uncertain because you couldn’t see a clear path.

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