To dream about a light blue has many positive connotations. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

This is due to the associations it has with the sky and when the sky is blue, there is generally a more positive attitude felt about the day. 

Consider what people do when the sky is blue- running, walking, jogging, picnics, outdoor swimming, paddling, sunbathing to name a few popular activities. Consequently, a light blue is synonymous with healthy thoughts, emotions and behaviours. 

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Perhaps you have started a new health kick lately or actively sought out the help you need to improve your mental health. Overall, you are feeling good about your own wellbeing and the dream might simply be encouraging you to continue in your efforts to improve yourself.  

A dark blue on the other hand is quite the opposite. It represents a coldness. It’s possible the colour is a reflection of your bluntness, uncaring nature or harshness towards someone in your waking life. The dream could be telling you to be more lenient with this person. Perhaps they don’t need to be treated with such an uncaring approach.

On the flipside, consider who was in the the dream with you. Perhaps the colour was a reflection of someone in your life who is treating you this way. Do you need to address this with them? 

Consider whether they are being mean to you because they feel it’s in your best interest. If this is possible, seeing it from their point of view might just help you to understand their motivations a little more. Perspective is a wonderful thing.  

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Perhaps you are feeling certain emotions, have habits you don’t think are serving you, unpleasant thoughts or you are in a negative situation in your waking hours that you want to get out of. Think about the things that are holding you back or bringing you down- are you able to remove these from your life? Or at the very least distance yourself from them? If the colour brown was lighter, you may be successfully ridding your life of the things that are doing you a disservice. The dream could be telling you to keep going and not to give up now. The colour may be lightening because you feel like a burden has been lifted from your shoulders- even if you aren’t completely finished in your purging. Consider the phrase ‘brown nosing’- are you trying to curry favour with someone in your life at present? Or is someone trying to get in your good books?... 

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