To dream about the east suggests a new beginning as the sun always rises in the east so what is about to commence in your waking world?

Tetra Images, LLC / Alamy Stock Photo

Tetra Images, LLC / Alamy Stock Photo

Are you about to start a new job or are you in the throes of a new relationship? Perhaps you have recently taken up a fresh hobby or moved to a different area of the country. Think about the new things that are afoot in your own life as this could be why you dreamed about the east. 

Similarly, do you need to take a new approach to something? If you have been doing a task the same way for a while now and it’s getting you nowhere, it’s possible that you need to look at it a different way in order to change the outcome. 

The dream could be urging you to have a rebirth. If things have become stagnant in your world and you aren’t happy anymore, something needs to change- so think long and hard about what that shift could be. It’s highly likely that you can’t go on as you are so something needs to alter in your life in order for you to feel better about yourself and your lot. 

How is your health? Dreams of the east are also thought to represent the left side of your body, so perhaps you are concerned about an organ or area of yourself on that side. Is it time to get checked out at the doctors? Or is it a matter of taking better care of yourself?

If you moved towards the east in your dreamscape, this could indicate a fixed way of thinking. Perhaps you are unwavering when it comes to your thoughts and feelings and the dream is telling you to be more flexible, especially if it’s hurting relationships at work or at home. Life can’t always head in one direction without a little deviation here and there and the sooner you realise that the better. 

Consider the phrase ‘east meets west’- one interpretation of this is that you need to collaborate with someone in your waking hours. If you have been trying to do everything on your own, it might be prudent to let someone else help you because two heads are better than one. It’s up to you whether you want to surrender some of the control or not, but it might just improve the situation if you do. 

On the flipside, perhaps you see the world very differently from someone in your waking hours and need to agree to disagree with them because you will never come together over a specific issue. If this means you need to part ways, perhaps this is the best thing for everyone involved. 

The Rudyard Kipling poem put this beautifully, ‘east is east and west is west and never the twain shall meet’- meaning you may never see eye to eye with this person so it’s best that you don’t try and make them see your side of things because you will only be wasting your time and theirs. Similarly if they are trying to get you to convert to their viewpoint, do you need to tell them that their energy will be better placed elsewhere?

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