To dream about north suggests that something is going your way in your waking hours. 

Marina Pissarova / Alamy Stock Photo

Marina Pissarova / Alamy Stock Photo

Things are starting to look up and are headed in the right direction. 

The dream could be telling you not to be complacent, as it’s impossible for things to consistently head north. 

Perhaps you need to be mindful of and grateful for this positive streak in your life but not take it for granted. 

It’s possible you dreamed about the North Pole, which is the point of the earth’s surface that is furthest north. 

The dream could be telling you that you have achieved as much as you can in something. You can go no further and do no more. Perhaps it’s time to accept that now is the end of this particular path and to pursue another, otherwise you will just be repeating yourself. 

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If you were dreaming about the North Pole because you associate it with Christmas, perhaps you are starting to feel the pressure from the demands of the upcoming festivities even if they are still relatively far off. 

It may be wise to remember that you still have a number of weeks left to prepare and spread the tasks out over. Most people won't have even thought about it yet, so you are already ahead of the game. 

If the North Pole is somewhere you have never been and always wanted to travel to, it’s possible this ambition is playing on your mind, especially if you feel a a great need to do so because of age or ill health. 

It doesn’t have to be this specific, however, maybe you simply crave a change of scene if you haven’t ventured far lately. 

If a person you know was heading north in your dream, maybe you feel jealous of someone in your waking hours who is reaching new heights while you feel stuck in your circumstances. Rather than seeing it as a defeat, why not use this jealousy as motivation to raise the bar in your own world. 

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