Dreaming about the number eight suggests that you have come to the end of something. 

Number Eight on Female First

Number Eight on Female First

An eight hour day is the contractual number of hours many people work in a typical nine to five job, so to reach eight hours signifies the end of the day, the finish line or the completion of something in your life. 

A piece of eight refers to a Spanish dollar so your dream might have some connection to money. Consider how you felt in the dream, if it was a positive dreamspace, then you may have a healthy relationship towards your finances and the money that you have and earn. 

With that said, if the dream had a negative tone, you may have money worries, troubles or find yourself powerless around it. 

If the latter is true, perhaps you need to seek out someone or a way to help you get control over this side of your affairs. 

To see the number eight in your dreams indicates that you are getting advice from an untrustworthy source. Do you need to find a more reputable place or person to help you with the information you need?

Perhaps you are too concerned with the future and need to be more preoccupied with the present. Focusing your efforts on the here and now might be more valuable to you than trying to hypothesize what might happen in your future.   

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