Reaching the age of twenty one is seen by some as a right of passage- a significant moment of change in your life. 

Twenty One on Female First

Twenty One on Female First

So it’s possible you dreamed about this number because you have recently marked (or are about to mark) a transitional period in your life. A birth or a marriage is a typical example of such a milestone. 

It doesn’t need to be intermediate in the traditional sense, but could indicate the end of something you have become accustomed to and the start of something new. A new hobby, relationship, job or habit to name a few. 

More simply, if you are about to turn 21, you may be thinking about the things that you will be able to do at this age (such as drinking alcohol, depending on where you live) or what is next for you and your career or education if you are leaving university for example. 

The twenty first birthday is viewed by some as reaching ‘full adulthood’ so it’s possible that you have finally been admitted into an exclusive group or feel that you are now qualified for something that you weren’t before. 

Perhaps the dream means that you are about to take on more obligations or you need to be more responsible if you have been avoiding your duties lately. 

Twenty one is also the name of a card game so the dream could be telling you that you are a bit of a gambler and need to take less risks in your waking hours. 

If you always live very carefully, it might be wise to take a chance if you think it could pay off. If you don’t, you may never know- risks don’t always have to be dangerous- perhaps you just need to exit your comfort zone for a while and see where it takes you. 

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