Cast: Claire Danes, Charlie Cox, Michelle Pfeiffer, Robert De Niro.

Dir: Matthew Vaughn

Rating 4/5

Tristan (Cox) has lived his whole life in the quiet town of Wall, named after the ancient stones that surround it, cutting it off from the world beyond.

Tristan pines and desperately tries to win the heart of the beautiful yet shallow Victoria (Sienna Miller). One evening Victoria promises to marry Tristan if he brings back a fallen star.

To prove his love Tristan escapes from Wall in an attempt to find the star but when he does he comes face to face with Yvaine (Danes).

But Tristan isn't the only one looking for the star: the king of Stormhold (Peter O'Toole) is dying one of his surviving sons must find a precious stone to be crowned the next king - a stone than is now in Yvaine's possession.

And a trio of witches require the heart of a star in order to cheat death and restore their former beauty. Lamia (Pfeiffer) sets out to capture Yvaine and take her heart.

Based on the fantasy novel by Neil Gaiman Stardust was the feel good family film that took cinema's by storm last year.

It's a cross generational romp that has something for everyone as director Matthew Vaugh seamlessly blends comedy, romance and action.

Vaughn, famous for gangster movie Layer Cake, doesn't try to sell a concept that is driven purely by CGI, unlike many films that did the rounds this summer.

Instead he gives the audience a story that the audience can get lost in and characters that we can empathise and root for. The movie isn't without computer wizardry as the lavish, but not over the top, production values ensures that the film consistently provides some impressive eye candy.

But the film's real strength is the cast last with acting veterans Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeffier stealing the show.

De Niro sends himself up beautifully and the tough pirate Captain Shakespeare who, underneath his tough exterior, is hiding his sexuality from the rest of his crew. Never again will you see this movie legend dressed up in a corset and feather boa.

Vaughn took a chance on leading man Charlie Cox, an unknown before this role, who handles the pressure of performing alongside the likes of De Niro well as the niave Tristan.

He interacts well with Claire Danes and, despite a rocky start, they work well together and have real chemistry on screen.

Stardust does exactly what it says on the tin but it is the film's charm that will win you over again and again.

For the older member of the audience it becomes obvious fairly early on in the film who is going to end up with who and who will get their comeuppance but it's just so much fun watching these characters get there.

One of the best films of 2007!

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