Did you know that online gamers are just as likely to be 40 year old women as they are teenage boys? According to Forbes, “women are increasingly drawn into the realm of console and online games for pleasure”, career advancement and even health benefits. But while sports and shooting games still aren’t favoured by women and girls, which games are they whiling away their time on?

Online game for Women

Online game for Women

Social Media Games

Maybe they just got bored of blocking Facebook notifications from Candy Crush, but women often spend time playing online games which can be synced with their social media accounts. In fact, the average social gamer is a 43 year old woman, according to Quora. Whether it’s climbing through the levels of Candy Crush, or beating your friends to the top of the leaderboard on Bejeweled Blitz, there’s something addictive about these online games. Farmville is probably one of the most popular games with the ladies for example.


This may come as a surprise to some people, but online casinos can be a lot of fun, for both genders! Spin the reels, find the bonus symbols, and immerse yourself in another world as you try to win it big. Some of the best slots games and apps can be found at online casinos, but which should women be looking at?


Well, according to Android Slots,  “Case studies in the US suggest that most women who play slot machines play to socialise rather than to devise strategies of making money.” So online casinos which have chat features and leaderboards would be a good place to begin.


Strategy Games

Women love to think their way through a good puzzle, so some strategy games are a great fit for ladies of all ages. Not only do they give gamers the opportunity to get seriously involved in a new puzzle, but they also help keep your mind quick and nimble, offering health benefits which might explain why so many older women are getting on board. While we might suggest they steer clear of Monster Hordes or Warfare 1944, there are some great choices which are more about adventure and discovery. These include Dawn of the Dragons, and the Gemcraft series, both of which have around 20 million players around the globe, and are a great form of escapism and fun.


Simulation Games

Why does anyone play online games, if not to escape and become someone else for a while? Simulation games do exactly this. Whether you’re building a new world on The Sims or Minecraft, or experiencing something new with Microsoft Flight Simulator, or The Long Darkness, there’s something to be said for grabbing hold of a whole other identity, for a few hours anyway. With the rise of augmented reality, women can even immerse themselves in whole new worlds, from under the sea and outer space, to jungle adventures or haunted houses.


The stats are in, and women are even more serious gamers than men. Whether it’s a flutter at the online casino, a mind bending strategy puzzle, a voyage into the unknown, or a competitive social gaming craze, we can see exactly why online gaming has become such an addiction!



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