Jason Segel

Jason Segel

The movie star saw a YouTube video of a fan serenading him and was so impressed that he took her as his date to an awards show.

Super-fan, Chelsea Gill wrote the song herself, singing: 'Have a drink with me, oh Mr Segel can't you see,I'm trying so hard to impress, you're so f**king hot but I digress.'

She became an internet hit and caught the attention of Segel, who then invited Gill and her sister to go with him to the Chicago Film Critics Association awards, which were held in Illinois on Saturday.

Segel, who has starred in popular sitcom How I Met Your Mother, won the Commedia Extraordinaire Award at the ceremony.

As if attending an awards show with him wasn't enough, Gill also got a special mention on his Twitter page, where he wrote: "I am honoured to get comedian of the year and screenwriter. Nick Stoller shares this with me. My partner in crime since Sarah Marshall. Chelsea Gill who wrote the awesome song and her twin sister came to the awards tonight. They were the coolest!!"


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