Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson

The singer revealed that her mother and sister both have inkings that are connected to one of her 13 pieces of skin art, Music News reports.

The American Idol star's mom was initially against the idea of tattoos, but liked the idea of sharing a symbol with her daughters.

'It's so white trash. My sister has a star [tattoo] and I have the moon and my mom has a sun with a star and a moon in it. My mother is a Southern Baptist, 'Your body is a temple do not disgrace it with a tattoo' - I have no idea how we convinced her. I think she liked having a tattoo with her daughters so it's kind of cool,' she told BBC Radio 1.

'Actually, I got my last tattoo done here [in London]. It's on my ribcage and it's in Morse code and it says 'What doesn't kill you'. I was going to get it on my neck and then I got there and I thought it might look cool right under the bra line, so I did that.'

Kelly also spoke about her life on a Texan ranch and the many animals she owns.

The star recently had to place a large number of her pets with another owner because she is in the process of moving.

'I'm from Texas and I mainly live in Nashville, Tennessee, now. We actually just placed most of our animals with a rescue ranch because I'm moving everything to Nashville, so we placed all but four - my brother took the four dogs. We had like 83 animals at one point, so it's a big ranch but I don't get a lot of time off so having two places isn't that convenient,' she said.

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