Ella Eyre has had her car broken into.

Ella Eyre

Ella Eyre

The 'Comeback' singer unleashed a furious rant on Twitter following the incident on Thursday afternoon (05.02.15), branding the thief a "desperate ****" for stealing her satellite navigation system despite it only being worth £20.

She wrote: "the prick that broke into my car: I hope you choke on the £20 you get from selling the sat nav you stole from my car you desperate **** (sic)."

The crime comes just two days after the 20-year-old pop star - who features on DJ Fresh's new single 'Gravity' - moaned about her vehicle on the social media site, admitting she wanted to get rid of her current ride.

On Tuesday (03.02.15) she wrote: "i need a new car (sic)."

It's not the first time the rising star has headed online to air her grievances, as she berated men last month who send her pictures of their genitals on photo messaging app Snapchat.


"No matter how attractive you think your genitals are, I can assure you, they do nothing for me.

"There is no filter in the world that will satisfy me enough to be ok with your indecency."

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