James Blunt is the first person that will admit he’s most well-known for his single, You’re Beautiful.

He's beautiful

He's beautiful

While one song might be all you need (according to his bio), we also recognise him for mixing with royalty and, of course, his cracking sense of humour perfectly put across on Twitter.

If you don’t follow James Blunt, here are 15 hilarious tweets that will certainly change that.

He’s pretty honest about his popularity

This is hilarious on so many levels

We reckon this has been used a few times, but we’re just gonna throw the top response in here too…

At least he gave us a warning...

I honestly don't know how to introduce this photo

How to make an already uncomfortable tweet a little bit more uncomfortable:

This response is perfect

This is now probably a genuine concern...

Perfectly reasonable question

A very logical response

Rhyming slang ft Donald Trump

A definite contender for our favourite...


Honesty is always the best policy

This one backfired

We certainly did NOT see this one coming

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