Britain might have just found itself a national hero in Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle star Andy Serkis. During a time where every conversation you have leads to the depressing subject of Brexit, the actor has jumped in with a hilarious parody of his most iconic movie role ever, with a rather cheeky spin on it.

Andy Serkis at the 2018 Academy Awards / Photo Credit: Z18/FAMOUS

Andy Serkis at the 2018 Academy Awards / Photo Credit: Z18/FAMOUS

The 54-year-old reprised his role as Gollum from Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy for a short sketch parodying the life of Prime Minister Theresa May and featuring famous Gollum quotes like "Precious", "We wants it", "False!" and "They steals it from us". The clip was written and directed by Dominic Minghella (Doc Martin, Robin Hood) and produced by Mark Lucas for Silverfish Media.

In the sketch, Serkis is Theresa May conversing with herself over the Brexit deal, just as Gollum debates with his better self Sméagol over obtaining the One Ring in the movies. He's wearing a grey wig, red lipstick, matching nail polish and her quintessential blue skirt-suit, and is clutching a copy of the Withdrawal Agreement.

"We takes back control. Money. Borders. Laws. Blue passportses!" Says Gollum Theresa excitedly.

"No, it hurts the people. Makes them poorer", replies Sméagol Theresa. "Okay. We asks the people if they want it, and then-"

"No! Stupid, tricksy remainers. They ruins it!" Gollum Theresa hits back, proceeding to also scorn the idea of a Peoples Vote on Brexit.

"But the peoples are our friends", says Sméagol Theresa, before Gollum Theresa has us howling with laughter over the famous Gollum line: "Yuh don't have any friends!"

The sketch ends with a line that deserves to be quoted as frequently as the original: "This is the deal. It's mine. My own. My Brexit!"

We thought Alec Baldwin's impression of Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live was good, but Andy Serkis is on a whole other level. It reminds us of when Stephen Colbert asked him to read some of Trump's Tweets on The Late Show last year ("Wait! What's 'covfefe', Precious?").

Now, I wonder what Andy doing Gollum doing Jacob Rees-Mogg would look like...

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