Bella Hadid’s own line of NFTs has hit the market. According to Forbes richest of models, this marketing ploy for her digital collection has nothing to do with money, but everything to do with engagement and creating a visual space within an online digital space that is still so new on the market. Bella apparently was working day and night to create virtual cyborg versions of herself, with various styled looks and appearances. Multiple designers and artists were gathered for the creation of Bella’s NFT line.

Bella Hadid NFT's

Bella Hadid NFT's

While NFTs have been on the market for a while, it is not just fashion icons that have managed to collate a huge following and commitment to purchasing NFTs on the market. Gambling establishments are pressing blockchain assets within their online platforms, with candidates such as CSGOBook with their CSGO Gambling platform, tapping into the momentum of their digital presence with more than just skins as currency. However, in terms of the fashion industry, it would appear that the Metaverse is very much thriving and slowly most entities are entering this new dimension of exploration in the digital universe.

After Bella sat down with digital press and media platforms at press, she quoted to publications like Vogue, that this really was not a money making scheme, and the reason she wanted to explore this avenue, all came down to her enjoying video gaming and really wanting to make her debut within this new exciting gaming space, known as the Metaverse. She explained how during quarantine, she dreamed of being a gamer girl, and interacting with other people online. Well, this was her way of doing that. The NFT craze really appealed to her and attracted her. She wanted to really submerge herself in the community and be a part of its shaping progress into the future. From a gaming perspective, it would open new avenues for herself, things that she dreamed of during the pandemic, where she was more intimately involved with passions outside of work, such as gaming. 

Bella’s NFT comes with its own paperwork and certificates, to authenticate that it is the real deal. When purchasing the CY-B3LLA, consumers will be able to develop a closer relationship to the model. Bella has provided a special connection so that fans who purchased the NFT series, have a direct line of contact with the model, in addition to invitations to ‘meets and greets’ that will be hosted by Bella herself. Bella has dreamed of hosting her own events across the globe, with a particular favourite gaming location, Tokyo. While these events are yet to be launched and planned officially, Bella told Vogue of her desires to join with the community and become friends with all the people that have supported her and lifted her to the career standing point she is now.

From a fashion point of view this poses exciting new opportunities. Many are talking of how Bella could be involved with future Metaverse catwalks now that a virtual avatar of herself exists. With the level of development and innovation that opens avenues from Web 3.0, anything is possible. If there are the creative minds and designers that can wield the technological spaces provided by the Metaverse, we may see a catwalk space with virtual fashion looks coming very soon. 

Bella has stirred the inner creative flow of many directors in fashion, with Dolce and Gabbana being the first luxury brands to really own and take over the digital fashion avatar style and wear avenue. Where this will go, and how far it can go, will really depend on the progression of the technology behind this. So, all we can do is wait and see the magic unveil itself in due time. 

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