Lady Gaga during the Inauguration Day ceremony of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris / Picture Credit: Sipa USA/SIPA USA/PA Images
Lady Gaga during the Inauguration Day ceremony of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris / Picture Credit: Sipa USA/SIPA USA/PA Images

With Lady Gaga singing the National Anthem of the United States just ahead of the swearing of oaths by both Vice President Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden, we thought the star power of the 2021 inauguration had been used early on.

Fortunately, the turning of a new page in American history brought out many more stars, who sang as part of a night of performances to celebrate the swearing in of the 46th President and America’s first ever female Vice President. We may not have had the usual inaugural ball, but this was just as beautiful a moment to remember.

Lady Gaga

Many will have raised an eyebrow when they heard Lady Gaga was selected to perform the National Anthem at this year’s inauguration. Those people won’t have seen her stellar performance in A Star Is Born, where she changed a lot of opinions of those who had brushed her under the carpet and written her off as a singer they could enjoy. Gaga did that all over again with an unusual arrangement, but one that was flawlessly executed. Her love for America is clear; she’s happy somebody competent has the reins once more.

Lin-Manuel Miranda

President Biden is known to love literature and classic works, with a passion for poetry. So, when Lin-Manuel Miranda recited Nobel Prize-winning Irish poet Seamus Heaney's The Cure at Troy, we knew exactly who had requested the performance. That was confirmed when President Biden himself joined the Hamilton creator for the poem's final verse.

Demi Lovato

When you think of singers who you’d like to hear covering Lovely Day, Demi Lovato isn’t the person who immediately springs to mind. Thankfully, her performance as part of the inauguration was absolutely beautiful. Not only did she take part, but she called in frontline workers to help out remotely, with everybody at home even given a glimpse at the Bidens dancing along inside the White House.

John Legend

Though many of the singers we saw had pre-recorded their performances, John Legend wasn't one of them. From the Lincoln Memorial, he gave new life to classic song Feeling Good whilst playing the piano. He is undoubtedly the modern day’s finest crooner.

Katy Perry

The line-up concluded with Katy Perry, who sang her now decade-old track Firework live from the Lincoln Memorial whilst the very literal fireworks saved for the celebration lit up the night sky. Wearing all-white in what some believe to have been a tribute to the suffragettes who fought for the right for women to vote, Perry delivered her best-ever live performance of the empowering song. President Biden and First Lady Dr Jill Biden watched on from the White House balcony, in the most stunning moment of the entire day.

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