• 42% are using craft hobbies to switch off from the pressure of daily life
  • Being better connected to nature is a top stress buster, with almost half looking to introduce an aquarium to “bring the outdoors in”
  • 30% would forego social media and 25% would ditch their TV to make way for all things natural 
Photo Credit: Pixabay
Photo Credit: Pixabay

42% of Brits are turning to craft hobbies to help them switch off from the hustle and bustle of our increasingly busy lifestyles. 

A new survey from Tetra of 2,000 adults has revealed that we’re shunning tech for back-to-basics hobbies, including reading, baking, gardening and even aquascaping – the craft of arranging plants within an aquarium.

 When it comes to choosing a new hobby, two thirds (65%) of Brits are seeking activities that bring us closer to nature. Feeling more relaxed, boosting health, being happier and more mindful are the key motivators behind this.

However, the wonderfully unpredictable British weather is deterring two in five Brits from venturing outdoors. This is perhaps why a quarter “bring the outdoors in”, by integrating more nature into their home and décor, with nearly half (43%) of Brits looking to introduce an aquarium into their home.

With one third (35%) saying nature is the hottest interior trend, it’s not surprising that aquatic installations, keeping fish and increasing greenery are likely to feature more commonly in UK homes. What’s more, when you consider the increase in urban living, it’s only natural that smaller aquariums are becoming an attractive feature for Brits wanting that nature-fix.

In fact, the desire to switch off from tech and go back-to-basics is so strong that a third of us would even give up our games console, 30% would happily forego social media and even a quarter (25%) would ditch their TV to make way for all things natural.

Ashleigh Foster at Tetra comments, “It’s clear people have a growing appreciation of how the simple things, such as getting more fresh air or growing house plants, can do wonders for our wellbeing and mindfulness.

“Despite this growing desire to feel better connected with the natural world around us, nearly two thirds of us aren’t seeing this through – we all know that daily pressures can get in the way, or when it’s cold and wet outside, snuggling up in front of the television can feel like the more attractive option!

“That’s where low cost and low maintenance hobbies, such as keeping fish or creating underwater landscapes with plants really come into their own. With the right aquarium you can really give your home a new look and feel, which is both inspired by nature and helps to instil tranquillity and calm for those wanting to escape from our tech-dominated lives.”

Depending on available space, time, and disposable income there are a number of aquatic options that can be introduced to homes to help Brits better connect to nature from small, planted aquariums to larger installations featuring exotic species of fish.

For more information about Tetra’s range, visit www.tetra-fish.co.uk.

[1]All statistics from 3GEM and Tetra survey (October 2019), unless otherwise stated.

Top 10 reasons why the nature is this year’s hottest trend:

  1. Helps us to feel more relaxed (70%)
  2. Boosts our health (52%)
  3. Helps us to feel happier (50%)
  4. We strive for more fresh air and less pollution (43%)
  5. Helps us to be more mindful (37%)
  6. Nature is a popular interior design trend (35%)
  7. We’re looking for more opportunities to exercise (30%)
  8. We want to be able to switch off from work (26%)
  9. We want to bring the outdoors in (26%)
  10. We’re happy to sacrifice our games console (32%), social media (30%) and TV (26%) to be better connected with nature

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